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IN SITU - Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme


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Project Title: IN SITU - Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme

Project Code: CE1494

Funding Programme: INTERREG Central Europe

Start and End Date: 01/04/2019 – 31/03/2022

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  1. Board of Education for Vienna, Austria


  1. Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  2. Veneto Region - Department of Labour, Italy
  3. Enaip Veneto, Italy
  4. Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Germany
  5. Stuttgart Media University, Germany
  6.  City of Rijeka, Croatia
  7. Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka, Croatia
  8. Slaskie Voivodeship, Poland
  9. WSB University, Poland
  10. PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities, Slovenia
  11. OZARA d.o.o. Service and Disability Company, Slovenia


The IN SITU project addresses the current socio-economic and demographic challenges, focusing on long-term unemployed (over 50) and young low-skilled people, who are the targets mainly affected by the negative processes taking place in labour markets, having less chances of finding employment. The project aims to develop collaboration between these two groups, in order to foster the intergenerational exchange of experiences and, in this way, to bridge their respective skills gaps.

Furthermore, in order to take due account of the specific needs of the partners' regions, the project consortium plans to develop a strategy that develops and fosters social innovation through the meeting of generations. This basis, together with training and mentoring programmes, should produce entrepreneurial initiatives for and with project stakeholders. The main involved actors include supporters and organisations, experts in entrepreneurship and social innovation, as well as public and private support initiatives.


The partnership will jointly develop and implement a tailor-made business development service and support system to promote the integration of the identified disadvantaged groups into the labour market through social innovation and new social enterprises. The system will have at its core regional triangles of key actors from expert, support and third sector organisations, social innovation and entrepreneurship experts and public-private financing initiatives. They will pilot, through the creation of 'Social Innovation Hubs (SIH)' in each Region, and validate the new support schemes supported by a common strategy.

Expected results:

  • Creation of regional strategic partnerships to address the issue of long-term unemployment;
  • Creation of regional social innovation interventions aimed at reintegrating the long-term unemployed into the world of work;
  • Development of a transnational strategy and regional strategies to promote the innovative interventions of the project.
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