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I-CARE - Intercultural Care in the Social and Healthcare Sector


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Project Title: I-CARE - Intercultural Care in the Social and Healthcare Sector

Project Code: 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061433

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2

Start and End Date: 01/12/2019 – 31/12/2021

Link to project website:

Coordinator: Apricot Training Management, UK


  1. Bildung und Project Netzwerk (BUPNET), Germany
  2. ENAIP Veneto, Italy
  3. Sosu Ostjylland, Denmark
  4. Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias Kai Paidiou (KMOP), Greece
  5. Blended Learning Institutions' Cooperative (blinc), Germany
  6. die Berater, Austria


Social Care and Health Care professionals play a fundamental role in the lives of a culturally diverse group of clients and patients. Communication and interaction between employees in this sector and the people they help is greatly influenced by their ability to deal with this cultural diversity.

Intercultural competences are an essential element of professional care in the Health and Social Care sector. However, vocational education and training for people working in this sector often does not fully address how to manage cultural diversity.

For this reason, the I-CARE project will develop learning and training opportunities that enable social and health care workers to deal proficiently with clients with a migration background, with the aim of:

  • promoting communication and social skills in their interaction with clients with a migration background
  • supporting social diversity, and
  • reducing prejudices and xenophobia


Specifically, the I-CARE project will develop:

  1. Intercultural Competence Guidelines: for HR managers, trainers and decision makers on the benefits and importance of cultural competence for health professionals working in cross-cultural situations.
  2. Action Sheets for Intercultural Competence: for staff working in the social and healthcare sector, covering all issues of intercultural communication with clients with migrants.
  3. The I-CARE Toolbox: a range of learning modules and training materials to support the  development of Intercultural Competence in the Social and Healthcare sector.
  4. The I-CARE App: providing mobile access to a range of learning materials and helpful information designed to help people working in the sector to be more informed and to learn wherever and whenever.

I-CARE will be put into practice through national pilots with at least 120 trainers involved in continuous education, training, HR departments etc. and at least 120 members of the target group (employees in the social and healthcare sector).

At least 150 more vocational education and training providers, HR managers and in-house trainers will be informed about the project outputs and instructed in how to use them via multiplier events held in each of the partner countries.

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