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EmploySSE: Promoting employability through Social Solidarity EconomyEMPLOY




The central idea of the project is to implement and promote the framework of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Vocational and Educational Training (VET), while the vision is a comprehensive training and professional development of younger generations, which integrates alternative socioeconomic models in their framework of ideas and attitudes. Although a lot of work has been done on the positive social effects of SSE, less attention has been paid on the positive effect that SSE has on employability, when today, the SSE sector provides paid employment to 6.3% of the working population in the EU-28, compared to 6.5% in 2012.

Objectives: the project understands VET and especially CVET as a tool for social change. In this sense the project has a three fold scope and related objectives:

  • First, to make SSE a visible and familiar concept to the labour market with regard to social inclusion, employability and sustainability while introducing elements of competence profile of SSE VET -Trainer.
  • Second, to provide VET trainers with innovative teaching methods and tools by implementing alternative pedagogical experience (SSE in training).
  • Third, to empower trainers and therefore trainees with new approaches, skills and competencies coming from SSE in their attempt to enter the labour market.

Target: The direct target groups of the project are:

  • Local and national VET providers;
  • Trainers;
  • Mentors;
  • Career Opportunity Advisors;
  • Policy and decision-makers and in particular the statutory bodies responsible for the development and implementation of the European/National Qualifications Framework.

Indirect target groups:

  • Tertiary education Graduates as part of “Young people neither in employment nor in education and training (NEETs)”.
  • Young graduates of secondary vocational/general education level (age 18-30).
  • Local, national and European SSE organisations.

Results: the expected results of the project and on its completion are:

  • A VET Trainers’ Guide on SSE (skills, competences, knowledge, learning outcomes). It will introduce the SSE occupational area in VET system and particularly manual needed to trainers.
  • A common package of VET training modules on SSE. The modules will offer increased knowledge and innovative methodologies for VET providers to deliver more innovative curricula; provide improved knowledge on SSE for VET trainers, as well as a multicultural experience.
  • Pilot Testing of the material among VET trainers in every partners’ country and in one international training activity.
  • Advocacy for the inclusion of VET training modules in VET curricula at European and national levels. In this sense, the partnership will: develop and mainstream concrete joint strategies for SSE organisations to advocate for VET curricula innovation.






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