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Project Code: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-00003308

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational
education and training

Logo_CB.pngStart and End Date: 15/02/2022 – 14/02/2024
Link to project website: 
Link to social media: currently not available
Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Roma “UnitelmaSapienza” (Italia) -


"Circular Bricks - Circular Bioeconomy for improving agrifood VET institutes’ teachers’ skills and competencies" is a project funded by Key Action 2 ‘VET’ of the ERASMUS Plus programme, dedicated to cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

Circular Bricks has the long-term ambition of improving the current educational model for the bioeconomy in order to help train and educate the new generation of bioeconomy professionals with the necessary hard and soft skills.

Across Europe, some initiatives have already been put in place. However, there seems to be a lack of generalized and consistent schemes, especially with regards to the VET field. In order to address these needs, Circular Bricks will train VET teachers from the agri-food sector in order to make them able to educate their students with the necessary green skills which are required by the current and future industries operating in the European circular bioeconomy.

The project will develop innovative pedagogical material on circular bioeconomy related topics for VET teachers, keeping a train-the-trainer approach. Specifically, involved teachers will be provided with a thorough and practical approach to circular bioeconomy principles and their implementation in the agri-food sector, as well as with efficient tools for holding effective design thinking sessions and preparing learners to become true agents of change. At the end of the project, both teachers and students will have acquired new green skills and competencies, thus adding “circular bricks” to their know-how.

In detail, Circular Bricks will deliver the following three Project Results:
1. Pedagogical guide on circular bioeconomy: an output that will include the following three interconnected modules: (1) Circular economy overview;
(2) Generating resources for teaching in bioeconomy; (3) Participatory and design thinking sessions.
2. Circular Bricks Open Online Platform and Toolkit for training teachers and supporting them easily transfer the acquired know-how to their students: it will consist in the development of the Circular Bricks Open Online Platform and the Circular Bricks Toolkit. The Open Online Platform will be aimed at training teachers from VET institutes on circular bioeconomy related topics. The Circular Bricks Toolkit will be co-created by VET teachers and will be aimed at supporting them easily transfer the acquired know-how to their students.
3. Design thinking sessions with students and peer- review of projects: students from agri-food VET institutes will be involved, together with their teachers, in design thinking sessions aimed at making them able to develop innovative projects to promote local circular bioeconomy. All projects will be cross-evaluated by students coming from different VET institutes through a peer-review process.

If you want to know more and stay informed, keep an eye on the ENAIP Veneto’s social media channels.

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