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WhatsApp Image 2022 04 12 at 17.02.57Project's code: 2021-1-AT01-KA220-ADU-000035098

Programme: Eramsus+ A220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Project's start and end: 01/02/2022 – 31/01/2024

Link to website:

Coordinator: Die Berater (Austria) -


The project "CARE4CARERS" is funded by the Action 2 ‘ADU’ of the ERASMUS Plus programme, dedicated to cooperation partnerships in the field of adult education. CARE4CARERS aims to fill the gap of support provision by strengthening the position of family carers through the development of an innovative support programme designed to address carers’ specific needs. Started on 2 and 3 March 2022 with the Kick-Off Meeting, CARE4CARERS is developing a low-threshold and flexible counselling and qualification offer for caring relatives. This will be specifically designed to meet the needs of persons - mostly women - who give care to family members or relatives and face two challenges: to reconcile everyday care and paid work, and/or to find support in returning to work after a career break due to care.

This empowerment of family carers will be achieved through developing, testing and disseminating five Project Results:

  1. Stocktaking Report ‘Educational and labour market needs of family carers’: a research that will collect the existing support schemes for family carers in partner countries in order to formulate the specific educational and labour market needs of family carers.
  2. Counselling guidelines for the staff in adult education/counselling: they aim at the qualification of education and counselling staff to work with the specific target group of family carers.
  3. Training modules for family carers: the main learning resource for the target group of family carers. The modules will be provided in blended learning and cover different topics to better cope with the demanding life situation and to prepare for the labour market.
  4. Family Carers Online Hub: a central information and resource brokering point where family carers want to address the labour market and career issues; support; learning and training materials as well as networking tools. 5. Publication Employment support of family carers: it will address professionals in adult education and social institutions who work with family carers, as well as managers of these institutions and political decision makers. It aims at sensitizing them for the themes and the outputs of the project.

All outputs produced in Care4Carers will be provided free of charge with the ultimate aim to support family carers and sensitize professionals in adult education and social institutions for the challenges family carers face, mostly in relation to their re-integration into the labour market.

Moreover, the project results will be shared with interested stakeholders during several national and international multiplier events, which will be organised in 2023. 

Family carers represent the backbone of care provision in Europe, therefore, the long-term impact of CARE4CARERS will not only contribute to carers overall well-being and employability, but also to a sustainable and stable informal care in Europe.

If you want to know more and stay informed, keep an eye on the ENAIP Veneto’s social media channels.

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