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BEING 21 - Benchmarking Education to Improve the New Generation skills


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Project Title: BEING 21 - Benchmarking Education to Improve the New Generation skills

Project Code: 2019-1-FR01-KA201-062140

Funding Programme: ERASMUS+ KA201

Start and End date: 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2021


OGEC Lycée Technique Bel-Orme (FR) 


Fédération Artisans du Monde (FR) 

Universite de Bordeaux (FR) 

Sandefjord videregående skole (NO)

Agrupamento de Escolas de Albufeira (PT) 

Equo Garantito Assemblea Generale Italiana del Commercio Equo E Solida (IT) 



In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report which focused on the issue of the students’ lack of skills and the means to find a solution to this. In this report, 16 paramount skills were defined for the education of the twenty-first century. These competences are composed of six «fundamental literacies», and 10 more skills.

The skills are the means by which the students take up complex challenges. They cover collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. According to the WEF, the skills which are considered as a cornerstone to succeed professionally and socially in tomorrow’s world are mainly developed by methodologies known as SEL: Social-Emotional Learning.

Developing critical thinking, a social and societal conscience, but also creativity, communcation, and collaboration are the missions of the twenty-first century teachers. It is through modern educational propositions which include learning through play, strengthening analysis and reasoning, team working, and spreading respect and tolerance that the teachers will educate the citizens of the twenty-first century.

Through a former KA 201 project entitled «Young Ambassadeurs of fairtrade» (JACE in French), three high schools worked closely together along with three NGOs specialized in fairtrade during three years. This collaboration aimed at offering a motivating project to the students, at getting them involved in their learning, and therefore at limiting the dropping out of school.

Due to the previous project, "Being 21 - Benchmarking Education to Improve the New Generation's skills" offers a motivating approach to students and engaging in their learning, thanks to the combination of formal and non-formal educational methods.

The tangible impact of this project will be the evolution of teachers' practices that will promote Fair Trade values in their classes in collaboration with the NGOs involved.

Three European high schools (France, Portugal, Norway), two active NGOs in the field of fairtrade, a French university and ENAIP Veneto, as VET provider, are going to try out new methods and assess the activities in and out of class and the mobilities that are involving students and trainers.


The objective of this BEING project are several:

  • To increase the teachers’ skills to implement modern educational systems
  • To strengthen the collaboration between the worlds of the formal and non-formal education to offer solutions anchored in society’s stakes
  • To identify and share the learning situations which promote the students’ acquisition of the twentyfirst century skills


The activities of the project will enable:

  • The creation of a portfolio of competencies for the teachers of the twenty-first century;
  • The measure of the project’s impact led by the GREThA, CNRS mixed research unit – University of Bordeaux;
  • An exchange of practices among the participants;
  • The dissemination of the educational activities led throughout the project on a referencing collaborative space.
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