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LIFE FOSTER - Training, education and communication to reduce food waste in the food service industry



Project Title: LIFE FOSTER - Training, education and communication to reduce food waste in the food service industrylogo foster

Project Code: LIFE17 GIE/IT/000579

Funding Programme: LIFE 2017

Start and End Date: 01/09/2018 – 31/12/2021

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Vocational training centres: 

ENAIP NET Impresa Sociale - Coordinator (Italy), 

Agence nationale pour la formation professionnelle des adultes - AFPA (France), 

Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza - CECE (Spain), 

Institute of Tourism Studies - ITS (Malta) 

Food industry and trade associations: 

Federazione Italiana Cuochi - FIC (Italy), 

Malta Business Bureau - MBB (Malta) 

Scientific partner: 

Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche - UNISG (Italy) 


The LIFE FOSTER project aims at reducing waste in the restaurant industry, focusing on three main fields: training and education, prevention and communication. 

LIFE FOSTER consists entirely of direct and indirect actions aimed at raising awareness about the problem of food waste and optimal food storage targeting the restaurant industry.  

The project will complement the other initiatives taken and will be able to fight and complete the missing chain link: downstream respect to producers and upstream respect to citizens. 


The project develops integrated initiatives, whose results will be promoted by the project partners in regional, national and European contexts: 

  • Training of 410 trainers coming from 4 European countries (IT, FR, ES, MT): their task will be to focus on and operationally describe food waste prevention techniques; 
  • Development of a functional method to monitor and evaluate food waste reduction and to measure the project’s impact; 
  • Transfer of food waste reduction techniques to approximately 6,700 VET students in 4 European countries; 
  • Student participation to apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities involving approximately 3,600 enterprises and 100,00 food sector operators 
  • Organisation of 16 booths in specialised fairs all over Europe (with 100,000 potential visitors), of 6 technical seminars and practical activities for cooks (approx. 1,200 people involved); 
  • Creation of 4 national (IT, FR, ES, MT) meetings with institutional guests; 
  • Production of promotional and awareness-raising materials on the issue; 
  • Networking with other LIFE projects dealing with the same topics,  and organisation of networking events. 


  • 70 training VET centres involved 
  • 500 trainers to be trained 
  • 7.000 students to be trained 
  • 3.600 companies and 10.000 professionals involved 
  • 20 fair stands and 100.000 visitors involved 
  • 6 technical seminars and practical activities organization 
  • 1 meeting with the EU Platform on food losses and food waste 
  • 4 institutional national tables and 200 policy-makers involved 
  • 1 food waste reduction monitoring system 
  • 1 network with other EU projects on food waste 
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