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AF LIFE ClimateSmartChefs RGB72dpi Square GreenProject Title: LIFE CLIMATE SMART CHEFS Empowering chefs for a climate-smart, sustainable and healthy food system in the EU
Project Code: LIFE 20 GIC/IT/001708
Funding Programme: LIFE

Start and End Date: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2024
Link to project website:    

Coordinator: Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (Italy)



The project "LIFE CLIMATE SMART CHEFS " is funded by LIFE Programme, dedicated to the environment. Its general objective is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of the environmental policy and legislation of the European Union through the co-financing of projects of Community value and relevance.


Climate Smart Chefs recognises the role of chefs as active challengers of climate change, and promoters of low emission, nutritious and affordable diets that reduce environmental impacts, improve public health and tackle food waste. The project will provide chefs with training and tools in order to generate change from meal designing and planning to consumption.
In addition, the project will promote a debate to mainstream food as a key factor for climate change mitigation, and involving a wide range of stakeholders. The main scope is

  • Promoting awareness on the role of food in climate change and environmental challenges at EU level.
  • Levaraging on Chefs as active changemakers and promoters of low emission, nutritious and affordable diets in the EU.

Key activities:

  • The implementation of high-level training courses for chefs
  • The development digital tools to design climate smart menus
  • The establishment of Climate Smart Chefs Award for chefs and local initiatives
  • The creation of Climate Smart Chefs EU network

Expected impacts:

The project will contribute to the shift towards a low carbon economy by spreading a climate smart cooking and eating culture in the EU food system.

  • 1,000 chefs using the information and tools provided by the project
  • 160 chefs trained at the high-level course
  • 112 chefs taking part to the Climate Smart Chefs Award
  • 10 local initiatives, led by Chefs, taking part to the Award
  • 500 chefs using the online Climate Smart Chefs Tool
  • 1,000 stakeholders in the food sector informed
  • 10,000 EU citizens receiving information about the project

Policy implications:

Targeted policies include the EU Climate policy and the Farm to Fork Strategy. With reference to EU policy areas, the project will work on incentivizing a behavioural change, mainstreaming emission reduction and resource efficiency actions in the food sector.
The high-level course will provide chefs with knowledge and tools to become proactive change-makers and contribute to the objectives of the Farm to Fork Strategy for improvements in nutrition and in environmental sustainability.

The project will be replicated in 3 other EU27 countries, accounting for cultural and dietary differences as well as education system structure and organisation.
The Climate Smart Chefs tools will be available in:

  • a Basic Open Access version for interested chefs, citizens and consumers.
  • a PRO version with commercial use, investing royalties to update the Carbon and Water footprint database and the Award.

The Website with project results will stay online for five years and will represent a key dissemination tool for the knowledge generated through the project.

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