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CERiecon is a European project that aims at promoting an entrepreneurial culture among young people. This initiative was launched by Vienna’s Board of Education European Office, together with 24 public and private institutions from Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. CERIecon’s goal is to improve the competences of those employed in the entrepreneurial sector in regards to new technologies, innovative products and services, and social innovation.

“It is important to provide, at a regional level, the right combination of financial and non-financial support in order to help entrepreneurs to create new businesses.”

CERIecon will contribute to the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture, so that more and more young people can be inspired to become entrepreneurs themselves, having the opportunity to build their businesses.

The objective is therefore to try and improve their entrepreneurial capacities, making sure that they receive the best support through the creation of new regional “ecosystems” for innovation, which will allow training and services for entrepreneurs to exist. These ecosystems will be made available from the project’s partners through the realization of a network that is going to connect all the different ecosystems in an international business environment. The project capitalizes the excellent results that have been achieved thanks to the i.e. SMART project (Training Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Sustainable Economic Sectors). Its aim was to stimulate and support young entrepreneurs’ creativity and entrepreneurship by encouraging and sustaining them in the production of innovative services and products. CERIecon represents its continuation and further development and is consequently going to keep pursuing these positive outcomes by supporting the three fundamental actions of the 2020 entrepreneurship action plan:

  • Action n. 1: education and entrepreneurial training to support entrepreneurial growth and business creation
  • Action n. 2:  creation of an environment where entrepreneurs can grow
  • Action n. 3: models and communication with specific groups
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