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ENAIP Veneto is a firm believer in the development of mobility activities within education and training systems, as well as in professional settings, to promote the employability of young, unemployed or unskilled people. ENAIP Veneto hosts and sends abroad hundreds of students, staff,internal/external experts and amateurs every year, thus contributing to create not only an innovation- and employment-friendly environment, but also a more inclusive one. As a matter of fact, ENAIP Veneto has proven experience as receiving and intermediary organisation for Erasmus+ KA1 mobility projects, providing specialised training in its workshops and classes, but even traineeship placement in local companies for foreign partners. ENAIP Veneto training provides the possibility to completely tailored training programmes in a peer education context and in a formal and non-formal learning environment.

As sending organisation, ENAIP has been developing and managing a number of “MOVE”, “MOVE 2.0” and “MOVE 4.0”, “MOVE 5.0”, “MOVE 2018”, “MOVE 2019”, “MOVE in alternanza”, “MOVE all’estero” projects for its students, as well as for other local higher education. This ESF-funded regional initiative provides work experience, training and language certifications to students, hosted by specialised centres in France, Malta, Ireland, England and Germany.  

Youth and NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) can also benefit from international apprenticeship periods and professional mobility projects organised by ENAIP Veneto within the European Youth Guarantee programme.