668960598 1280x720The Go&Learn idea

Every company is excellent in something: products, marketing, technologies, work processes, HR, management, etc. Go&Learn is a training initiative aimed to valorise the companies’ excellence, let it be known to the territory where it operates, foster the company's training role. The project inserts companies in guidance and adjournment training/educational paths, which are organized by universities, schools, and VET centres with short training units carried out inside the companies.

The Go&Learn Workgroups that are present in the various territories contact companies proposing them to be involved in the initiative, planning the study visits (one economic discovery/guidance seminar and one or more thematic seminars) that they are willing to host. The committed companies are then included in the Go&Learn catalogue as training companies that supply local or international study visits depending on their will.

The Go&Learn initiative relies on:

• A local management body, which guarantees the management, updating and implementation of the catalogues and visits

• A network of training companies, which ensure the hosting of training groups

• A network of stakeholders, promoters and sponsors, which help to identify the companies and disseminate the initiative in the territory

All companies that are willing to participate in the catalogue sign an agreement with the Go&Learn+ Workgroup to host at least four visiting groups per year, since the initiative aims to be a constant opportunity for the training bodies to include such study visits in their training activities.

The Go&Learn catalogues

There are two kinds of Go&Learn+ catalogues:

- International circuits, addressed to visitors coming from foreign countries, which are a combined set of study visits lasting from 3 to 5 days

- Local study visits, addressed to local groups of participants, which consist in visits to one company that can last from 3 to 8 hours each

Each study visit consists in a lesson carried out in a company. After the visit to the company premises, the company staff illustrate the following subjects to the guests:

• Products and markets

• Organization and work processes

• How safety policies are adopted

• How quality systems apply

• How they hire new staff

• Moreover, if the study visit is a thematic seminar, there will be an in-depth presentation of the specific theme chosen by the company.

Go&Learn users

VET providers, schools, universities, guidance and counselling bodies can benefit from the Go&Learn catalogues. The potential target groups are wide, depending on the training provider including the seminar in its own courses. Any kind of students, unemployed or employed people, entrepreneurs, teachers and trainers can participate to the study visits. The company is informed by the training provider organising the seminar about the characteristics of the visiting group.

[Go&Learn+] Go&Learn - network enhancement

Erasmus+ 2015 - KA2 Strategic partnerships - VET 2015-1-IT01-KA202-004789

PROJECT PARTNERS (project.goandlearn.eu)

ENAIP Veneto (Italy) lead partner

AFPA (France)

C.E.C.E. (Spain)

CEPYME (Spain)

CIFQ Piemonte (Italy)

Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A. (Italy)

Confederación Española de la PME (Spain)

ECOLE (Italy)

ENAIP Piemonte (Italy)

Malta Business Bureau (Malta)

Malta University Holding Co. ltd (Malta)

Contacts E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. +39 049 865 8927 Fax. +39 0257766980


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