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ENAIP Veneto is a Vocational and Education Training provider sponsored by ACLI (Associazioni cristiane lavoratori italiani – Christian Italian Workers Associations). 

Established in 1951 as a social enterprise, nowadays it operates in every Veneto province with a total of 18 training centres. ENAIP Veneto’s mission is to identify and meet the needs of the local economy and social system to act both as an enterprise incubator and a career guidance services provider. 

The training centres educate highly specialized professional figures focused on innovation – precious resources for each business willing to emerge in a constantly competitive market – but are also a crucible for many SME entrepreneurs; some of whom act as main players in the development of the Italian North-East region.  

We are a public body based on practicality: ENAIP Veneto designs and manages VET courses addressed to young people, adults and enterprises offering guidance and tutoring services as well professional qualification and re-qualification processes, offering tailored pathways for the recognition and assessment of the skills acquired in a working and extra-curricular training context, analysing formal and informal individual knowledge and abilities for the elaboration of a personal skills curriculum.  

ENAIP Veneto is a Veneto Region accredited body for vocational training and employment services certified by UNI EN ISO 9001/200.