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CATEGORY: Appetizer

50g seabass
2 shrimps
2 cuttlefish
250 g parsley 
1lemon grass
10 g oil
5g aspic
Salt and pepper 
Squid ink powder 
METHOD:Make the parsley chlorophyll: chop the parsley and put it in 40ml water and aspic( which has been dissolved in water beforehand); let it rest for 2 hours. Strain through a sieve.
Create thin polenta wafers, brown them in butter until they become crispy on the outside and soft inside. 
Heat the leftover fish in the oven (7/8 minutes at 90°). 
Chop the lemon grass. Serve on a rectangular plate, put the parsley chlorophyll in three points of the dish, lay gently a polenta wafer, put the fish on top, add a little oil, and the lemon grass. Finally spread some cuttlefish ink powder.


WINE: Friulano