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Project: tune in! Combating drop out


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Liflong Learning Programme

LEONARDO DA VINCI – Transfer of Innovation


Applicant organisation: Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich

Partners :

  • BFI OO – Austria
  • IFA – Austria
  • PSF - Denmark
  • ISQ Istituto per la Saldatura e Qualità - Spain
  • FMA Fundacion Metal Asturias - Spain
  • EnAIP Veneto – Italy
  • OZARA – Slovenia

Project objective:

The project:

  1. transfers the successful drop out prevention methods and measures taken from the Austrian and Danish production school approaches to four partner countries in Europe.
  2. the adapted methods and materials are gathered in a tune in! tool box for European drop-out prevention and drop out reintegration together with further materials and methods developed during the projects' lifetime
  3. develops a "combat drop out!" guidance tool for ivet teachers and trainers
  4. develops a European train the trainer course for drop-out prevention in ivet which is based on constructivist learner centered approaches implemented in production schools,
  5. implements the train the trainer on European scale and in each partner country at national scale
  6. implements suitable drop out prevention approaches, curricula and / or methods in the partners’ countries

Project activities:

  • WP 1: Project Management and communication (lead partner BFI OÖ)
  • WP 2: tune in! tool box for combating drop out (lead partner BFI & FMA )
  • WP 3: tune in! train the trainer (lead Danish production school association)
  • WP 4: Implementation (lead ISQ)
  • WP 5: Dissemination & Exploitation (lead ENAIP)
  • WP 6: Sustainability (lead Ozara)
  • WP 7: Evaluation (lead IFA)